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Press Release:  Next Gen Magnet School Program to Commence Fall 2017 in Orangeburg County

June 12, 2017

Dr. Tim Newman, Superintendent of Orangeburg Consolidated School District 4, is pleased to announce plans for the district’s Next Gen Magnet School for Honors, Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing in Orangeburg County.


This announcement sets the stage for forthcoming details related to the new school, the impact it will have on local students and the direct value it will add to the SC manufacturing community, aerospace sector and various other SC-based industries.  Orangeburg Consolidated School District 4 recognizes and encourages the industrial growth in the area and plans on crafting the next generation of South Carolina’s workforce to meet the needs of incoming industries.


The school’s pilot program will begin Fall 2017 and will offer incoming Freshmen who have completed advanced course work an opportunity to join.  It will also offer Senior students access to mentoring and internships prior to graduation. 


The curriculum focuses on not only the state-identified requirements of a SC graduate but also the soft skills that ensure students are able to be confident and conscientious corporate citizens once they graduate.  Students can take one of two paths:  college prep for entrance into 2- and 4- year collegiate programs or work-ready courses for direct entry into the SC manufacturing workforce after graduation.


Students will participate in Project Based Learning and will perform Community Partnership Projects including a wheelchair build for local disabled veterans and a food-bank partnership packaging meals for Thanksgiving.  Through these projects students will learn hands-on skills related to product assembly, quality management, material kitting, logistics, time management and working in teams – all critical skills for the next generation of SC’s workforce.


Local companies are encouraged to partner with the program during the 2017-2018 pilot year to offer guest speakers, mentors, internships and various other forms of support.  Volunteer and Donation opportunities are available via the school’s website.


A July 27, 2017 Open House event is being planned.  Additional details will be announced via the school's website.  To learn more,  please consult:

Press Release:  Next Gen Magnet School Partners with Allied Air Enterprises of Orangeburg to Offer Senior Student Internships in Spring 2018

July 14, 2017

Allied Air Enterprises of Orangeburg, SC and Next Gen Magnet School for Honors, Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing, a division of Orangeburg Consolidated School District 4, are pleased to announce a community partnership to grow the work force pipeline in Orangeburg County and surrounding areas.

Allied Air Enterprises operates an advanced manufacturing facility in Orangeburg’s industrial park located on Millennium Drive, conveniently adjacent to I-26 and Hwy 301. The company has committed to provide internships for the 2017-2018 school year to graduating Senior students of the magnet school offering them hands-on experience in a manufacturing environment.

Students who participate will be paid for their work which is estimated to be between 10-15 hours per week in conjunction with the school’s early release program for students who have completed the appropriate number of credits to graduate. They will be paired with a mentor at Allied Air Enterprises and will learn concepts such as time management, safety in an industrial environment, industrial hygiene, problem solving and many other critical topics that will contribute to their success.

Next Gen Magnet School offers two paths for students: the collegiate prep path which prepares students for 2- and 4- year collegiate experiences and the direct-to-workforce path which prepares students for work immediately after high school graduation.

Students who demonstrate their value and fit for the company during their internships with Allied Air Enterprises could be offered a full-time job, with a benefits package and a waived 90-day probationary period, once they graduate. Students will be allowed a one week “vacation” period between the time they graduate and their first day of full time employment with the plant.

Next Gen Magnet School has also taken cues from Allied Air Enterprises team-building community garden and will be starting their own mini-enrichment garden on campus in the fall. The garden will teach students process management, team work, successes and failures.

For more information about the school, visit and/or attend a July 27th Open House Event at the school (500 RM Foster Rd, Cordova, SC 29039) at 5:30pm.

NextGen Magnet School 2018-2019 Open House

April 27, 2018

Students, parents and local industry representatives are invited to attend a JMay 1st Open House Event at the school (500 RM Foster Rd, Cordova, SC 29039) at 6:30pm.

Learn more about what students have been working on and the process for admission!

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