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From Dependency to Contribution

More than 70% of Orangeburg Consolidated School District 4 Students do not attend 4-year colleges.  While some students venture on to 2-year collegiate programs, the vast majority do not attend college at all.  These students stay close to home due to funding limitations and support their families by performing minimum-wage work.  In some cases, they end up relying on federal and state resources, exclusively.

Next Gen Magnet School allows students who are both preparing to go to college as well as students who will directly enter the work-force after graduation learn marketable skills that employers crave.  Ideally, our students will be recognized for their highly-developed skill sets and earn an available role with a company offering health care, above-average entry-level salaries and other modern corporate benefits.  You can help them get the education they need to be stand-outs for roles that offer strong and successful futures for years to come.  

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As a fledgling program, there are materials, supplies, curriculum and technology investments to be made.  Every dollar you donate shows your support and excitement about the program and inspires our team, students and community.

Be a hero for the next generation of South Carolina's work force!

Contact Rebecca S. Grubbs at OCSD4 if you'd like to join our donors.  


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